Pillar of the office building near Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz.

Whipped into shape with Circo

200 columns for company headquarters in the Upper Palatinate

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Office building near Neumarkt i. d. Opf.(GER)
  • Principal & construction company
    • Max Bögl Group
  • MEVA systems
    • Special design with Circo
    • circular column formwork
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Haiterbach and Munich, Germany
Columns in fair-faced concrete quality flanked by balconies.

Whipped into shape with Circo

The Max Bögl Group in the Upper Palatinate, an administrative district in Bavaria, is one of the largest companies in the German construction industry. A new office building is being built for the group’s central administration at its headquarters near Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate. The construction company’s product portfolio is impressive. It ranges from modular buildings to wind turbines to a maglev system for local public transport. “We are very pleased even a generalist of this size likes to rely on MEVA know-how,” explains MEVA engineer Andreas Scherzl. 

The new four-storey building will be flanked by balconies supported by 144 concrete columns. These are 3 m high with a diameter of 80 cm. The main challenge when pouring the columns, each of which weighs three tons, was in the details. “A box-out had to be welded into the formwork body in order to produce a concave surface on one side of the finished column,” explains Jochen Moosmann, Head of Special Design at MEVA. 

Top architectural concrete quality
The concrete columns are being prepared by Max Bögl in the prefabrication plant and meet the requirements of architectural concrete with SB3 quality – even when used more than 100 times. As the columns are in an exposed location and, in a manner of speaking, enframe the central administrative building, very high standards were set: The edges have to be sharp and the joints must not bleed. The formwork has already been stripped from the first columns and Dietmar Rackl, who is responsible for work-preparation at Max Bögl, is convinced by the result: “The columns meet our expectations in every way: the formwork is so well planned and soundly executed that the end result remains consistently positive right through to the last column.”

Column in fair-faced concrete quality.