Animation of a formwork element floating above an iPad with a construction plan on it
People planning directly on a construction site from above

Design and planning

Helping you keep a firm grip on your processes. We use state-of-the-art CAD tools to prepare formwork drawings with detailed material schedules or we work with seamlessly interfaced systems to support your BIM project.

Going digital together

Working in tandem with our partners BIM² GmbH and Build Informed GmbH, we will help you ­navigate the digital revolution. 

Our consulting, training, modelling and development services cover all aspects of digitalisation and building information modelling. Apart from generating customer-specific added value, we will also put in place efficient and transparent processes. Our services specifically comprise:

  • Consulting on development of digitalisation strategies
  • Implementation of BIM methods in design and construction
  • Creation of building component libraries and templates, and definition of necessary standards
  • Staff training
  • Creation of as-built models based on existing documentation 
  • Process optimisation using human-computer interaction technology
    (software development)
  • and much more
Animation eines Schalungselements schwebt über einem iPad auf dem ein Bauplan abgebildet ist

Success can be planned

  • Formwork and sequencing solutions proposed as early as the tendering stage

  • Detailed formwork and sequencing proposals, including any suitable alternative offers, with cost breakdowns as a tender for our customers

  • Formwork contract planning, covering pour cycles, choice of system, quantity measurement and detailing

  • Architectural concrete consulting

  • Advice and support, also on site, regarding issues such as fresh concrete load capacity and concreting procedures

  • Preparation of assembly drawings, planning of assembly procedures and on-site supervision

  • Formwork design and production planning in 2D or 3D

  • Implementation of BIM methods in design and construction

  • Preparation of verifiable structural calculations

An illustration to give an overview of the uses of MEVA Formwork in English.