Regenerated working platform LAB

25 linear meters LAB plus various accessories

Offer no.: UF-LAB-010

LAB working platform. Lightweight working platform comprising weather-resistant aluminium components for erection around structures. Ready to use from the stack. Guaranteeing absolute safety from the start.

25 linear metres in used quality.

25 linear metres
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Material List

Item-no. Qty. Unit Description
29-421-12 5 pcs Working platform LAB 130/340
29-421-22 2 pcs Working platform LAB 130/240 with grid
29-421-31 1 pcs Compensation platform LAB 130/240 with grid
29-421-50 1 pcs Uni-platform LAB 130/140
29-421-56 1 pcs Railing 140 LAB with grid
29-421-45 2 pcs Single scaffolding bracket LAB
29-421-70 2 pcs Guard-railing post 48/100 LAB
29-421-35 2 pcs Corner platform LAB 130 (without railing)
29-421-41 6 pcs Railing for corner platform LAB with grid
29-421-76 2 pcs Side railing LAB with grid
29-422-00 2 pcs Combi ledger LAB
29-422-45 16 pcs Suspension shoe LAB
29-423-35 16 pcs Screw LAB DN 26,5x250mm,SW36
29-423-30 1 box/100 Sleeve LAB


Safety check and industrial cleaning

Each element is fully tested for safety and function – according to GSV guidelines.


Reinigung eines Schalungelements mit einem Hochdruckreiniger

Every element and every accessory is industrially cleaned

2 years Economy warranty

Safe, cost-effective, ready for concrete work.

  • Full functional and safety check
  • Industrially cleaned
  • Fully functional all-plastic facing alkus.
  • 2 years usage warranty
  • 2 years alkus warranty

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