Beekeeper with bee colony on a honeycomb.
A sign saying "Connect the Future" in front of the MEVA charging station for electric cars.

An eye for the bigger picture

At MEVA, we don't just talk about values and social responsibility. We put our words into action – in the company, the region and far beyond. MEVA is engaged in a wide range of activities – whether social, cultural, sporting or sustainability-related. In fact, the company is committed to everything that improves people's lives.

More than just formwork

As an employer, we ensure that our workforce takes centre stage. As befits a family-owned business, we cultivate a friendly, personal atmosphere of trust that extends beyond site and national boundaries. We encourage each and every individual to exploit his or her skills and development potential for the benefit of the company as a whole.

Our corporate culture is also experienced by our customers and partners in the course of our day-to-day business. We are MEVA. And it is our shared outlook and convictions that drive us, day in, day out, to achieve that decisive bit more.

MEVA supports a wide variety of social projects, such as "Jugend forscht" (a German youth science competition), the ASM e.V. Nagold (an active self-help group bringing together disabled and able-bodied people) and many more. For its longstanding commitment MEVA was presented with the Lea SME Award for Social Responsibility in Baden-Württemberg.

MEVA employees sit together outdoors in nature.

The MEVA difference

We go beyond manufacturing and supplying a high-quality product. We make the difference...

  • by finding the better solution to be more efficient. 
  • by having a keen understanding of your formwork needs.
  • by being passionate and technically creative about your project success.
  • by going to the limits of what seems technically feasible to find the better solution.
  • by being and remaining independent, a family owned and managed company.
  • by moving forward - the second family generation ensures continuity in our development.
  • by ensuring the same high quality standard - certified according to ISO 9001 - across all 40 locations, annually audited.
  • by being a partner to educational institutions and offering a comprehensive training and studying programme.

We have a history of making the difference by setting industry standards and pioneering formwork developments such as

  • the formwork clamp
  • the closed hollow frame profile
  • the double chamber aluminium profile
  • the articulated flange nut
  • the welded-in DW nut in the multi-function profile
  • 100 kN/m² concrete load capacity: Mammut 350 (since 2003)
  • state-of-the-art ACC coating technology on all steel panel frames
  • the all-plastic, 100 % wood-free facing alkus (instead of plywood) in all MEVA formwork systems since 2000, including the rental fleet
  • the first standard formwork for fair-faced, exposed and architectural concrete (since 2004)
  • the ultrasonic measuring device SolidCheck for determining concrete setting time (2013)
  • the first standard modular safety system SecuritBasic (2013)
  • the first compatible circular wall formwork system with steel facing (Radius, 2014)

MEVA is committed to providing know-how for your success when pouring concrete. We are active in all important industry standards committees and organisations.   

  • We chair the technical committee of the Concrete Formwork Quality Control Board GSV.
  • We are the leading formwork manufacturer in the further development of the "concrete pressure standard" DIN 18218.
  • We are an active member of the German Concrete and Building Technology Association DBV.
  • We contributed the formwork and facing part to the Guide to Architectural Concrete.
  • We are an active member of the American Concrete Institute's ACI formwork committee, pioneering new standards for exposed concrete finish.
  • We are a member of the European Contractor Organisation CONSTRUCT.
  • We are a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors ASCC.

We have been distinguished and recognised for making a difference. Distinctions and awards line our company history:

  • Top 100 Company
  • SED Award for Excellence for the alkus innovationn
  • No. 1 Client Winner in the Quality and Service ranking of SOLID

We make the difference by being dedicated to improving safety in concrete works, by cooperating actively with safety authorities:

  • The Swiss Insurance Safety Commission SUVA
  • The German Worker Insurance Organisation (BG Bau)
  • The Occupational Health and Safety authorities in the USA

The Team

True to our motto "Formwork. Simple. Smart." MEVA represents safe and efficient formwork. We offer our customers all over the world innovative and technically advanced solutions that are easy to use and not only help them meet current challenges, but also stay one step ahead in terms of safety, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

The constant development of our products combined with the knowledge and experience of our employees is what makes MEVA formwork systems simple and smart.

People in a conference room with MEVA helmet in the foreground.

The guidelines for our actions are still relevant for us and mean:

  • Quality in product and services is more important to us than size, mass inventories and dominance.
  • We're focused on customer benefit.
  • Our product programme is comprehensive for all concrete tasks. From foundation to high-rise; from tunnel to power plant.
  • Know how is as important to us as a premium quality product. Expertise is our reference.
  • Quality, safety and cost efficiency is our commitment – on every site and with every pour. 
  • We are partner to all our clients, irrespective of their size. All over the world. 

Our founding philosophy - the 7 guidelines of our actions:

  • We are an independent, family-owned company serving the requirements of the international construction community.
  • We are committed to formwork. This is our expertise. This is where we want to develop.
  • We pledge to work in partnership and dialogue with our customers.
  • We treasure teamwork. Joint forces enhance the individual´s strength.
  • We guide our innovative power in realistic settings. Only implemented creativity is useful.
  • We endeavor to grow in harmony with our own organic and financial resources, relying on the responsibility of the entire MEVA team.
  • We are dedicated to developing our products and our strategies in accordance with our philosophy: better beats good.

Commitment to social matters, education and research

At MEVA, social aspects play an important role. Respectful interaction with people and animals, team spirit and passion in the search for the better are an integral part of our mission.

A group photo of the trainees and students at the Christmas party.

Connect the…

With the name "connect the ..." MEVA bundles its commitment to people and nature.

  • "connect the future" stands for future-oriented technologies. MEVA built its own charging station for electric cars on the company premises in Haiterbach. The energy for this derives entirely from renewable energies and is partly provided by solar cells in the roof of the installation.
  • "connect the nature" stands for environmental protection. MEVA has established its own bee colonies, which ensure biological diversity in the plant kingdom through pollination, and the company provides nesting sites for birds as well as so-called insect hotels.
  • "connect the people" describes the various facilities created at MEVA for the well-being of the people, such as providing places in the nearby forest to sit and enjoy nature during break times.

Promoting education 

As a partner in the fields of education and training, MEVA cooperates with numerous educational and research institutions to promote technological development in the formwork industry. Our partners are:

  • Steinbeis Technological Transfer Centre

  • Universities in Berlin, Chemnitz, Darmstadt, Dortmund, Cologne and Munich 

  • The University of Applied Science in Biberach, Germany

  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry 

Charitable commitment

In Germany, MEVA is the official sponsor of ASM Nagold, a regional self-help organisation for disabled and non-disabled people of all ages. This organisation also receives, for example, revenue from the sale of the company mascot "MEVA Mecki". In addition, MEVA also provides various services to support the European project "Mehrgenerationenhaus" (Multi-Generation House)

The regional sports and youth organisation SVG is also sponsored by MEVA. Thanks to a joint campaign, a very high level of citizen participation was achieved in the "New Sports Home" project. Together with the Rotary Club Stuttgart-International, MEVA is also supporting the "End Polio Now" project.

Company events are hosted by local non-profit organisations and local workshops for the disabled are preferably entrusted with simple packaging tasks wherever possible.

Human resources development

MEVA is one of the most important employers in the Haiterbach region. Social responsibility as part of the company's human resources policy includes fostering the development of individual capabilities and supporting staff members in their immediate social and cultural surrounding.