MEVA FormSet – system-independent accessories

MEVA's system-independent accessories include smart solutions like quick anchors, stop-end systems and security systems as well as reusable box out corners to make your next construction project as easy as possible.

Product characteristics

  • Stable construction and captive components
  • Fast and easy to install with a long service life
  • Saves time, money, and materials
  • Convenient accessories
  • Easy handling
  • Absolute reliability

Easier working, lower labor costs

As fall protection systems are only ever as good as their supporting construction, a sound base connection is essential. In conjunction with the MEVA guard railing posts & safety mesh, the universal shoe MFS ensures safe and dependable fall protection. A secure construction is achieved through use of the tried and tested spiral anchor DW 15/100 or the quick anchor DW 15, attached with a flange screw 12.

In next to no time, four box out corners can be fitted as a box out set. ­Different plywood lengths allow flexible use. The attachment of chamfer strips to the formwork is recommended for the best possible results.

The quick anchor DW 15 is suitable for both ground and suspended slabs. It is ideal for installing safe anchorings with the flange screw 18 or tie rod DW 15 for braces, shoes for safety mesh, single-sided propping and a wide range of other uses.

Re-usable plastic spacer cones come in both 15 mm & 20 mm sizes for MevaLite and Imperial respectively. Cones can easily be stripped from cast concrete wall with threadbar via integrated threads.

Fair-faced concrete plugs can be used to fill the conical hole left by the plastic spacer cones – approximately a half inch reveal provides a great architectural aesthetic.

MEVA FormSet props

EuMax is the high performance all purpose prop assortment. Provided with a high-grade galvanised finish, the props offer a combination of high flexibility and type-tested safety, with production certified to DIN ISO 9001*. The permissible load capacity is 20 kN for Class D props at all extensions and 30 kN for Class E props.

MEVA FormSet brace brackets

The easy-to-use brace brackets are available in two sizes. The brace bracket 80 allows for the formation of slab edge & beam sides up to 80 cm (31 ½”). The brace bracket 150 is used for any single-sided application with a thickness up to 150 cm (4’-11”).