EuMax props

MEVA's comprehensive range of construction props is suitable for slab formwork from 4.9' to 18.1' and offers safety and quality with load capacities from 20 to 30 kN.

Product characteristics

  • Hand injury protection as internal tube still projects by 3,94' in retracted position
  • Self-cleaning external thread
  • Large range for fine adjustment
  • Cast-iron setting ring (nut)
  • Inner tube protected from sliding out
  • Props to EN 1065

Easier working, lower labor costs

EuMax is the high performance all purpose prop assortment. Provided with a high-grade galvanised finish, the props offer a combination of high flexibility and type-tested safety, with production certified to DIN ISO 9001*. The permissible load capacity is 20 kN for Class D props at all extensions and 30 kN for Class E props.

* Tested to European safety standards according to type-tested structural design