MevaDec Slab Formwork with 160cm large panels, Element-method (E)
The new MevaDec generation is lighter and easier to clean
MevaDec allows for an easy connection to conventional compensation areas

Slab Formwork

At MEVA, our main priority is providing builders and developers with innovative formwork solutions. Our entire team of construction industry experts and formwork specialists are committed to developing slab formwork systems that are economical, reliable, safe, and easy to use. In this way, our clients can enjoy maximum savings and superior results every time. If you are looking for dependable and cost-effective formwork solutions for all types of concrete slab developments, MEVA is the name you can count on.

Understanding Slab Formwork Systems

Like wall formwork systems, slab formwork comes with different features and specifications. It has two major types: conventional and modular. Conventional formwork for slab developments is made of wooden beams which are combined with loose facing and props. Modular formwork, on the other hand, comprises panels or frames with an integrated facing.

Shoring systems and/or props support the slab formwork, and they can be lowered during the removal or stripping process. Beams are removed along with the formwork’s components to be used in the next pouring cycle.

As with circular formwork and other form types, choosing the right slab formwork system can significantly impact the execution and progress of your construction project. For this reason, it is always best to do some research, and it is particularly important to consult our formwork experts here at MEVA to ensure you obtain the most reliable and cost-efficient formwork system for your project.

MEVA’s Formwork for Slab Developments

At MEVA, we have an extensive range of intelligent formwork systems, props, and shoring towers made specifically for concrete slab projects of all specifications and sizes. Our product offerings are designed to help builders cut back on their construction time and labor costs while maximizing their overall savings. Let’s take a look at what makes our slab formworks a cut above the rest.


Flexible and efficient, the MEVA HN provides builders with a fast and labor-saving solution when building concrete slabs. This slab formwork has drops with primary beams (H) and secondary beams (N) to facilitate early stripping. This unique feature also allows for efficient grid work, enabling the formwork to adapt to any building geometry and accommodate complicated shapes.

The MEVA HN’S secondary beams can be placed anywhere along the primary beam’s length. Moreover, it is not on a fixed grid. As a result, there is no need to add more filler areas, saving you a considerable amount of time, labor, and costs. In addition, this slab formwork system can be seamlessly integrated with the MEP shoring system, making it more flexible and useful in a wider range of applications than the majority of its competitors.

Please visit the MEVA HN page to discover why it is one of the best and most reliable slab formwork systems on the market today.

Props and Shoring Systems for Slab Formwork

MEVA32 Shoring Tower

The MEVA32 is an aluminum shoring system suitable for various shoring applications. Strong and flexible, it can be easily converted from a shoring tower into a garage beam system or a flying table. The MEVA32 is safe and easy to use, and its frame can be folded for easy movement without the need to disassemble the tower.

Click here to learn more about the MEVA32’s features and specifications.

MEVA32 32 kip aluminium shoring tower to support MevaFlex conventional slab formwork

MEP Shoring Tower

The MEP is a versatile shoring system that can provide optimum support for slab formwork systems, slab tables, beams, and pre-cast units with heights of up to 21m. Similar to all of MEVA’s products, this shoring tower is easy to use. Its SAS quick-lowering system removes the load off the prop with a single blow of a hammer. In addition, it only has a few essential components for quick and easy storage and logistics.

Please visit this page to find out more about the MEP.

Please visit this page to learn more about MEP.

MEP shoring gates used in a tunnel

EuMax Props

The high-performance and all-purpose EuMax is MEVA’s comprehensive range of construction props for concrete slab formwork measuring 98cm to 550cm. Simple to use, it provides an excellent degree of safety and flexibility, and can accommodate load capacities from 20kN to 30kN. The EuMax also has a self-cleaning external thread for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Please click here for more information about the EuMax.

EuMax props are MEVA's hiqh-quality (galvanized) props to support modular or conventional slab formwork systems

Let MEVA Help You Make the Best Choice

Choosing a reliable and high-quality formwork system for your slab projects can go a long way toward reducing your overall construction duration, labor, and costs. To help you select the ideal formwork system so you can achieve the best possible results, MEVA’s team of formwork experts will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to hear from you!

Please get in touch with us today via our contact details below or by completing our online form.

Please get in touch with us today via our contact details below or by completing our online form.