VarioMax is a light and flexible support system for the construction of element or filigree slabs with few parts and consists of only three components.

Product characteristics

  • Lightweight and flexible support system for filigree slabs
    • Low weight
    • High load capacity
  • Integrated arbor in the beams
    • Column grid specifies the position of the columns - for easy erection
    • Fear props are superfluous 
    • Less time and materials required reduces costs, simplifies storage and logistics
  • Fully compatible with MEVA props and shoring systems
  • Telescopic double and slide-in beams made of powder-coated aluminium
    • Durable and more sustainable than H20 beams
    • Low concrete adhesion, easy to clean
  • Only three components and few parts
    • Construction props, double and slide-in beams
    • Gridless adaptation to any floor plan

Only three components

VarioMax is a light and flexible support system for the construction of element or filigree slabs with few parts. It consists of only three components: Construction props, double and slide-in beams. Compared to conventional methods, VarioMax requires up to 50 % fewer props and components, and the amount of work is reduced. The system convinces with its low weight, easy handling and flexible adaptation to any floor plan.


Economical, simple and sustainable 

VarioMax is fully compatible with MEVA's props and shoring systems. The gridless telescopic double and slide-in aluminium beams are lightweight, highly loadable, durable and thus more sustainable than H20 beams. Thanks to powder coating, there is less concrete build-up, so the beams can be cleaned quickly and in a resource-saving way.

The integrated arbor determines the prop position, simplifies assembly and prevents the prop from falling out.

Telescopic main and slide-in beams, heavy-duty, light and flexibly adjustable.

Easy, energy-saving handling due to low weight.

  • High ease of cleaning 
    and reduced concrete adhesion due to optimised profile cross-section and powder coating
  • Robust hollow chamber profile
    for high stability and permanent load-bearing capacity
  • High-quality stove-enamel powder coating 
  • Clamping rail
    for easy mounting of the bracing of the beams without loose parts

A system with many possibilities

Low material and labour costs

Ingeniously simple - simply ingenious: the arbor integrated in the beam determines the number and position of props required and makes scare props superfluous. VarioMax thus saves a lot of time, material and costs: up to 50 % fewer props and components such as girder forks, compared to conventional methods. The amount of work is also reduced accordingly. Thus, labour cost reductions of up to 40 % are possible.

The high durability due to the robust construction as well as the ease of cleaning also have an effect on fast construction progress and economic efficiency. For high stability and safe bracing of the beams, the clamping rail is simply fixed in the insertion beam by means of a hammerhead screw - without any loose parts.

In the best case, the prop spacing is 2.82 m and only 4 props are needed for a yoke length of 8.76 m.

Use with the shoring systems MT 60 and MEP

The optimum compatibility of VarioMax with the MEVA shoring systems MT 60 and MEP simplifies planning and logistics. All systems come from a single source, existing material can be used and users can make stable connections with the usual quick movements without any additional learning effort. Existing load tables provide safety without additional effort.