Radius Schalung beim Bau der neuen unterirdischen Wassertanks.

Underground concrete tanks formed quickly and costefficient

The tanks were formed with circular formwork Radius. They were built to improve the safety and water supply for fire fighting purposes..

Datos de importancia

  • Owner 

    German Pension fund Hannover operating Teutoburger Wald Klinik

  • Contractor 

    Wilhelm Becker, GmbH & Co. KG., Minden

  • MEVA System 

    Circular formworksystem Radius

  • Engineering 

    MEVA Formwork Systems, Hannover

Rundschalung Radius zum betonieren eines unterirdischen Wassertanks.

Water tanks for medical clinic formed quickly with circular formwork Radius

The medical clinic Teutoburger Wald in Bad Rothenfelde, Germany, is improving its safety and water supply for fire fighting purposes. Two new underground concrete tanks were commissioned with a diameter of 10 m and a volume of 235 m³ each. Contractor Wilhelm Becker chose MEVA’s circular formwork Radius on account of costefficiency and labour saving benefits. The 3 m high panels can be delivered to site flat on a truck, making logistics simpler and faster. Once set up on site, the formwork is spindled to exact specification using the Radius ratchet.

„The quick and easy assembly, the shoe for the anchoring rail that clicks into the profile with a spring pin, the fixed crane hook and the base spindle for adjusting the panels on uneven ground worked really well,“ 

says project manager Harald Thielking.

Rundschalung Radius im Einsatz.
Rundschalung Radius im Einsatz für einen Wassertank.