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SolidCheck - The Concrete Measuring Device

Portable Real-Time Measurement. Safe Function. Easy Operation.

Portable, precise measurement of concrete setting time.

SolidCheck is battery-operated, comes in a sturdy carry case for on-site operation and is designed to measure concrete setting time under real on-site conditions. Operating SolidCheck is simple: A concrete sample from the batch destined for the pour is filled into the test cube. By pressing the GO button, the ultrasonic measuring cycle is started. This happens under real site and temperature conditions. At the end of the cycle, the exact time that the concrete needs to set appears in the display.

SolidCheck measures the concrete setting time in real time: If the concrete needs 8.5 hours to set, SolidCheck will monitor the concrete for exactly that length of time. At the moment the concrete has actually finished setting, the SolidCheck display will show the exact setting time of 8.5 hours. There is no simulation, vague extrapolation or calculation. And timeconsuming safety spans are a thing of the past.

SolidCheck. Safer is safer.

  • Safe and Universal

    • Safety for every concrete pour thanks to accurate measuring data. SolidCheck works for all concrete types in use on site today, including self-compacting and flowable types. The measurement complies with today‘s concrete standards, including the DIN 18218 standard. Safety spans and risk margins are no longer needed. The site can proceed with fast, safe pours.

  • Safe and cost effective

    • Full and safe utilization of the formwork‘s concrete load capacity. No risk of overload: the formwork‘s concrete load capacity can be fully and safely utilized at all times. The site can choose the formwork with the optimum load capacity. This saves labour, time and money while improving safety.

  • Safe and fast

    • Improving safety and saving time while enabling the fastest possible pouring rate. By measuring the exact concrete setting time, SolidCheck enables the site to utilize the fastest possible concrete pouring rate safely and precisely. This gain in time is particularly noticeable with high pours.

  • Safe and mobile

    • Sturdy, compact carry case enables measurement in real time and on site. SolidCheck delivers concrete setting time in hours and minutes, under real temperature conditions. Measurement is conducted on the concrete type and batch actually destined for the pour. The benefit is: reliable and real data. The sensitive measurement technology is encased in a sturdy carry case for portable use on any site.

SolidCheck. Your Benefits and Advantages.

Before: WITHOUT SolidCheck

  • Guessing concrete setting time using the knead-bag test: inaccurate results that vary from thumb to thumb.
  • 25 % safety span added to assumed concrete setting time. 25 % more time and delays in work flow on site.
  • Uncertainty about when the concrete has actually set leads to overdimensioning the formwork – the 2. unnecessary safety span.
  • The site will tend to pour the concrete more slowly than the formwork would actually permit. The 3. unnecessary time loss.


Calculation without SolidCheck

Concrete setting time assumed at 7.5h (including 25% safety surcharge), enabling concrete pouring rate of 1m/hour 6 hours per pour cycle.

From now on: WITH SolidCheck

  • Concrete setting time measured on the batch delivered – precisely in hours and minutes.
  • The 25 % safety surcharge on concrete setting time calculated as demanded by the standard DIN 18218 is no longer needed.
  • SolidCheck enables the site to choose e.g. a formwork system with 70 kN/m2 concrete load capacity instead of one with 100 kN/m2 and to utilize this capacity safely and fully.
  • SolidCheck enables the site to exploit the maximum pouring rate safely and fully.
  • SolidCheck puts an end to safety surcharges. The site can proceed with fast, safe pours.


Calculation with SolidCheck

Concrete setting time measured at 6h, enabling concrete pour rate of 1.33m/hour. 4.5 hours per cycle, 8 pour cycles Time saving: 1.5h

SolidCheck facilitates safe, fast pours, smooth workflow and saves time and money:

Time and cost saving:

Time saved with SolidCheck: 1.5h/pour
Site team 4 x 1 workers
Labour costs: € 35/h
Time saving in 8 pour cycles: € 1.680,–