Quick anchor turned in concrete

MEVA FormSet

MEVA's system-independent accessories include smart solutions like quick anchors, stop-end systems and security systems as well as reusable box out corners to make your next construction project as easy as possible.

Box out corner

Easier working, lower labour costs 

MEVA's box out solutions offer the unbeatable advantages of easy ­handling coupled with high speed and precision during formwork assembly and ­stripping. In next to no time, four box out corners can be fitted as a box out set. ­Different plywood lengths allow flexible use. The attachment of chamfer strips to the formwork is recommended for the best possible results.

Product characteristics

  • Fast and straightforward
  • Reusable
  • Saves time, money and materials
  • Formwork assembly and stripping in next to no time
  • Incorrect measurements impossible, foolproof assembly
  • Easy to use
Fast and flexible 

MEVA box out corners can accommodate everything from small door spindles to large EuMax props. The box out lengths and widths are a function of the plywood lengths. Standard wall thicknesses of 20, 24, 25 and 30 cm are available – other wall thicknesses can be supplied upon request. Even the use of alkus all-plastic form facings is possible.

Recess corners with shuttering panels and door spindles


Boxing out in next to no time

The complete box out set with plywood is fitted to the formwork along with the chamfer strips. The door ­spindles serve to resist the fresh concrete pressure. The ­formwork is closed and filled with concrete. The ­remaining operations take no time at all: the formwork and door spindles are released, wedges opened and the plywood pieces removed.

3D drawing of the application of a recess set
MEVA wedges

The entire box out is opened and closed by operating the four box out corners with the captive MEVA wedges – already a familiar feature of the assembly locks. The box out corners are screwed to the plywood pieces and locked in place by the integral wedges to ensure that nothing is lost.

Wedges for locking in recess corner

Anchor solutions

MEVA's intelligent and wide-ranging anchor ­solutions for single- and double-sided ­assemblies ensure fast, straightforward and reliable ­attachment of panels, tie rods and MEVA stop-ends.

These anchor solutions offer easy handling and versatile use, among other things, for the ­following applications:

  • Ground slabs where support frames are used (single and double anchors plus anchor supports)Attachment of panels (spiral anchors)
  • Attachment of brace brackets (double-headed soil nail 25/480)
  • Extension of cast-in anchoring (coupling nut)
  • Determination of anchor tensile forces (load cells/pressure gauges)

Product characteristics

  • Easy handling
  • Versatile use

Anchor supports DW 15 - DW 26.5

The anchor support, which is bent at an angle of 45°, is used for attaching to the top reinforcement and secured by means of integral adjusting screws. It takes tie rods DW 15, DW 20 and DW 26.5 that are attached by an integral adjusting screw. Anchor supports are particularly suitable for use in conjunction with MEVA support frames.

Anchor holder DW 15 to DW 26.5 with set screw in black

Quick anchor DW 15

The quick anchor DW 15 is suitable for both ground and suspended slabs. It is ideal for installing safe anchorings with the flange screw 18 or tie rod DW 15 for braces, shoes for safety mesh, single-sided propping and a wide range of other uses.

The quick anchor DW 15 (SW 17) can be extracted together with the anchor plate by means of a power screwdriver or ratchet and reused for the next concrete pour. As the spiral spring remains in the concrete, all that is required for the next operation is simply to place a new spiral spring on the anchor.

Quick anchor in red is turned in concrete

Nailable connector

Made from red plastic, the nailable ­connector for fair-faced concrete DW 15 is used to attach anchor sleeves DW 15 to the facing. 

Plastic nail plug in red for exposed concrete

Fair-faced concrete plug

The fair-faced concrete plug DW 15 is used to seal the nailable connector for fair-faced concrete. It is glued in with concrete glue A + B.

Fair-faced concrete plug DW 15 Nail plug closure

Stop-end systems

Impressive in detail

MEVA offers intelligent stop-end solutions for all slab edge and slab cantilever details encountered on site. 

Product characteristics

  • All-in-one solution
  • Convenient accessories
  • Easy handling
  • Absolute reliability
  • Stop-end bracket and stop-end rail combinable with guard-railing post and safety mesh
  • Safe and easy-to-use

Brace brackets – safe even on sloped slabs

The easy-to-use brace brackets are available in two sizes. The brace bracket SK 80 allows the formation of stop-ends up to a height of 80 cm. The brace bracket SK 150 is used for ground slab stop-ends with a thickness of up to 150 cm. Both models allow continuous adjustment for inclinations of up to 15°, making them suitable for use on sloped slabs. The brackets can be folded up for space-efficient storage and easy transportation.

Support bracket is attached to the formwork system with flange screws

Stop-end bracket for slab cantilevers

Stop-end brackets simplify and speed up the construction of cantilever slabs up to 40 cm thick with a cantilever length of 50 cm. The brackets allow continuous height adjustment to ensure reliable positioning of the stop-end form. The slab edges are then formed with MEVA formwork panels, 3S ­plywood, alkus facings or planks.

Shuttering bracket mounted under projection with tie rod

Stop-end rail for vertical slab edge stop-end formwork

The stop-end rail (with anchor sleeve and anchor DW 15) offers a fast and cost-effective solution for forming the edges of all suspended slabs up to 60 cm thick. It can be used in conjunction with guard-railing posts, safety mesh or both, which simply push-fit into the rail.

shuttering rail in vertical installation with anchor and anchor sleeve

Tilting support

Efficient, lightweight fall protection

MEVA's robust tilting supports allow cost-effective mounting of fall protection safeguards on the opposite ­formwork in cases where working scaffolds are only installed on a single formwork side. 

For crane installation and to widen access for concreting, the guard railing can be tilted outwards by up to 15°. The tilting supports can be attached to horizontal and vertical wall formwork panels and are easily locked in position with the integral horizontal wedge.

Tilting support 23 

The tilting support 23 is specially designed for the AluFix and EcoAs systems. 
In ­conjunction with the MEVA guard-­railing posts and safety mesh, it provides a fall protection safeguard tested to EN 13374, Class A. 

Product characteristics

  • Stable construction
  • Captive components
  • Fast and easy to install with a long service life

More space needed for pours? No problem: by adjusting the wedge, the tilting support can be inclined by up to 15°. 

MFS protection mesh mounted to formwork element with a tilting bracket

Practical: the tilting supports are attached to the formwork profile with the captive wedge. 
The reliable socket system for all MEVA guard-railing posts, e.g. the MEVA safety mesh, is tested to EN 13374, Class A. 

MFS protection mesh mounted to formwork element with a tilting bracket