BKB foldable pouring platform

Safe, quick-to-assemble working scaffold for wall formwork. The 125 cm platform width offers ample working space, even at elevated locations.

Product characteristics

  • Safe

    • Self-locking suspension mechanism

    • Safety thanks to side railing and corner platform

  • No time lost – just fold out, hook into place and start work

  • A top performer

    • Load capacity of 2 kN/m² in line with DIN 4420

  • Intelligent MEVA product design

    • Preassembled, foldable guard railing

    • Generous platform width of 125 cm

    • Low stacking height of 17 cm

    • Platform lengths of 140, 235 and 300 cm

Safety first for formwork, ­masonry and roof edge ­operations

Regardless of the specific application and site ­conditions, MEVA offers smart system solutions combining maximum safety with fast assembly. The key considerations governing the use of ­working scaffolds are rapid deployment, space-saving ­storage and efficient transportation.


  • The low stacking height helps to economise on space during storage and transportation.

Guaranteed safety in every situation

MEVA's BKB foldable pouring platform can be rapidly mounted on formwork panels to provide a safe working scaffold. Just fold out, hook into place and start work. Self-locking suspensions are available for MEVA's AluStar, StarTec, Mammut 350 and Mammut XT formwork systems. 

The side railing 125 can be flexibly used to fill gaps, provide rear protection or close off ends. Various platform lengths allow adaptation of the system in line with requirements.


  • Safe, easy and fast. The BKB foldable pouring platform is simply hooked into place on the formwork panel.