The EuMax prop is best used in combination with the slab formwork.

EuMax props

MEVA's comprehensive range of construction props is suitable for slab formwork from 1.52 to 5.50 m and offers safety and quality with load capacities from 20 to 30 kN.

Product characteristics

  • Hand injury protection as internal tube still projects by 10 cm in retracted position

  • Self-cleaning external thread

  • Large range for fine adjustment

  • Cast-iron setting ring (nut)

  • Inner tube protected from sliding out

  • Props to EN 1065

EuMax props

EuMax is the high-performance, all-round, all-purpose prop range. Provided with a high-grade galvanised finish, the robust props offer a combination of long service life, low maintenance and cleaning requirement, and type-tested safety, with production certified to DIN ISO 9001.

The permissible load capacity to DIN EN 1065 is 20 kN for Class D props at all extensions and 30 kN for Class E props.





The two prop classes (D and E) are easily distinguishable by their differently shaped end plates. 

Different end plates of the EuMax Props.
The EuMax Props in different sizes.