MEP shoring tower

Modular shoring towers improve the safety and flexibility of operations on site. The choice of system depends on the slab height and specific shoring function.

Product characteristics

  • A top performer
    • Versatile system for supporting slab formwork, slab tables, beams and precast units for heights up to 21 m
  • MEVA lowering system
    • The SAS quick-lowering system takes the load off the prop with a single hammer blow
  • SAS
    • Takes load off prop by hammer blow
  • Intelligent MEVA product design
    • Few basic components: props, extensions, frames, thereby streamlining storage and logistics
    • Inner tube extension adjustable for each ­individual MEP prop
    • MEP rapid frame connector makes safe ­connections visible at a glance
    • Reinforcing frame fitted to MEP prop with rapid connector
    • Adjustable cross-braces for all prop spacings from 90 to 300 cm
    • MEP tube coupler for fixing at any position on profile
    • Calotte support to offset sloping surfaces
    • All platforms automatically secured in frames against disengagement
    • Lift truck for movement of complete shoring units

Maximum flexibility

For all applications at height. Thanks to its modular ­design, the MEP system is flexibly adaptable to any building ­geometry without creating a "forest of props". Only few basic components – props, extensions and frames – are needed to build a stable shoring tower. Allowing flexible vertical adjustment, the system offers the ideal means of supporting slab ­formwork, slab tables, beams and precast units for heights up to 21 m. 

  • Compatible with all MEVA slab systems and MT 60 shoring tower

  • Few basic ­components

  • MEP rapid frame connector for enhanced safety

  • SAS quick-lowering system

  • Inner tube extension

A strong team

Safe access to slab formwork

The greater the clear height, the more cost-effective the deployment of ­shoring towers becomes. The two MEP props – which can be used ­independently or in conjunction with reinforcing frames as a shoring tower – provide a seamless interface with slab formwork.

The MEP frames 170 and 220 are perfectly co-ordinated with the MevaDec system sizes. For greater heights, ladders and tower planking facilitate safe access to the slab formwork, thereby allowing formwork assembly and ­stripping from below.