The slab formwork MevaDec in combination with props.


Lighter and more ergonomic: The new MevaDec generation convinces due to the low weight and ease of cleaning of all its components as well as its optimised handling properties – based on all the tried-and-tested MevaDec system advantages.

Product characteristics

  • Size and weight

    • Weight-optimised system for ergonomic and thus efficient work 

    • Largest panel 160/80 cm weighs only 16 kg/m² – almost all requirements can be covered with only on panel size

  • Safety due to prop spacing defined by the system

  • One system – three slab-forming methods

    • Drop-head-beam-panel method (FTE)

    • Primary- and-secondary-beam method (HN)

    • Panel method (E)

  • Closed aluminium section 

    • Ergonomic grip profile

    • High-quality cured powder-coated finish for easy cleaning and reduced concrete adhesion

  • Sophisticated MEVA product design

    • High-quality alkus all-plastic facing AL 10 with 7-year long-term warranty

    • Durable and easy to repair

  • Compatible with previous generation

  • Simple handling with panel installation from above and below.

The efficient and ergonomic slab formwork

MevaDec is not bound to a rigid grid pattern, meaning that it can be flexibly adapted to suit any building layout and any slab thickness. Minimized filler areas allow it to be set up more quickly. In the process, the predefined prop spacing ensures safety and optimised material stock on the construction site.

light and robust elements with comfortable grip profiles.

Light, robust panels with ergonomic grip profiles for easy handling. 

MevaDec from above with alkus panels.

Fewer compensations saves time. Even ­uneven slab edges can be solved with a ­minimum of filler areas.

Smooth connections to conventionally formed areas.

Fewer job-built solutions save money. Trouble-free connections to conventionally formed areas.

One system – three slab-forming methods

For the FTE method only elements, main beams and columns with drop heads are required
Drop-head-beam-panel method (FTE)

The FTE method uses only three components: panels, primary beams and props with drop heads. MevaDec is the flexible answer for almost all slab requirements in a single system, even for slab thicknesses of well over 30 cm. The system is independent of the grid pattern in one direction, and the free selection of the beam orientation reduces the number of compensations. 

The panels can be installed and positioned freely, ensuring maximum flexibility and allowing the formwork to be simply adapted to suit every building geometry. The MevaDec drop head (lowers the primary beams and panels by 19 cm) makes early stripping possible, thus allowing optimised material stock on the construction site as well as rapid construction progress.

The beams and panels can be stripped effortlessly and used for the next pouring cycle. It is thus possible to complete a slab in three days. 

The main and secondary beam method includes the four components main/secondary beams, columns and drop head.
Primary-and-secondary-beam method (HN)

The HN method uses only four components: primary beams, secondary beams, props with drop heads, and facings. This method thus enables the advantages of early stripping to be exploited. The system enables the loose facing to be freely selected:

  • Shuttering panel 3S

  • alkus all-plastic facing

  • Other alternatives

Element ( E ) method, which are best suited for small area floor plans.
Panel method (E)

The panel method (E) uses only two components: panels and props with prop heads. 

This method is the ideal option for building layouts and filler areas involving small surface areas in conjunction with simple logistics.

Thanks to the clever design of the MevaDec prop head, the panels are automatically secured to prevent them coming loose and moving unintentionally.

Technical drawing showing the flexible change of direction of the main beams.

A system full of ideas

  • Material savings of up to 40%

    Fewer props and the optimum use of system components makes MevaDec particularly efficient. The MevaDec drop head allows for optimised material stock on the construction site and rapid construction progress. 

  • Changing the direction of the primary beams

    The system is independent of the grid pattern in one direction, and the free selection of the beam orientation reduces the number of compensations. Mounting one primary beam in another primary beam allows the assembly direction to be changed flexibly, making it possible to adapt the formwork smoothly to suit every building geometry. 


MevaDec frame element with alkus all-plastic facing plate and an ergonomic handle profile


  • Ease of cleaning 
    and reduced concrete adhesion (through optimised profile cross-section)

  • Closed profile
    for a high degree of stability and durability

  • High-quality cured powder-coated finish 

  • Light and ergonomic
    due to weight-optimised aluminium sections

  • Ergonomic grip profile

  • alkus all-plastic facing
    The alkus facing does not absorb water. It doesn’t swell or shrink. The rugged, smooth surface guarantees first-class quality of the concrete even after repeated use.

Slab formwork MevaDec in combination with MT60 and MEP shoring systems.


  • Guard-railing post

  • MevaDec panels

  • MevaDec primary beam

  • Safety mesh

  • MevaDec support for guard-railing post

  • MevaDec drop head

  • MT 60 shoring ­tower system

  • MEP shoring tower

  • Transport wheel MT

Safety with system

All-round protection

The MevaDec support for guard-railing post is simply attached to the panel or the beam and supports the guard-railing posts. Edge protection can be attached to this, using the MEVA safety mesh for example. 


Fall protection when working from above: MEVA SpanSet

Working from above saves energy and thus assembly time. MEVA SpanSet is a tried-and-tested fall protection system for work on slab formwork. The horizontal safety line is attached to two concrete fixtures with ring bolts which are connected to the MevaDec panels. Up to two workers can secure their personal protective equipment to the safety line to protect against falling. This results in a radius of action of approx. 190 m² for safe and efficient work.

Safe working with the MevaDec back support and Meva SpanSet.