Die Deckenschalung MevaFlex in Kombination mit dem MT60 Traggerüst.


The conventional slab formwork MevaFlex is economical and has shown its worth with flexibility and efficiency.

Product characteristics

  • High degree of efficiency with only three components:

    • Prop with forked prop head

    • Formwork girder H20 or aluminium girder stringer

    • Facing

  • Free selection of the facing

  • Girder stringers and crossbeams are independent of the grid pattern

  • Bracing can be freely selected from MEVA’s range of props and shoring towers

  • Adaptation to varying building layouts and slab thicknesses

  • Pays for itself after just a few applications

Bauarbeiter auf der Deckenschalung Meva Flex.

The conventional slab formwork

Economical and tried-and-tested

MevaFlex: conventional slab formwork with facings, crossbeams and girder stringers on props or shoring towers. Freely selectable facing: shuttering panel 3S, alkus all-plastic facing or other alternatives.

Flexible and cost-efficient

The positioning of the beams and props is not predefined and can thus be optimised in accordance with the slab thicknesses during the planning phase. This results in flexible fields of applications for varying building layouts as well as slab thicknesses. 

Die MevaFlex ist ebenfalls für große Flächen geeignet.

Flexible even for large surface areas.

Als Unterstützung zu Ferigteildecken eignet sie die MevaFlex am Besten.

MevaFlex is the ideal solution to support prefabricated slabs.

MevaFlex ist flexibel und anpassbar.

Flexibly adaptable to suit every building geometry.