StarTec XT mit der integrierten Kombi-Ankerstelle

StarTec XT

The StarTec XT with the integrated combination tie hole unites three tying methods in one system. It is possible to switch between these with a flick of the wrist – without installing additional parts. You thus remain flexible and profit from significantly shorter formwork placing times when tying from one side. Another advantage: StarTec XT is fully compatible with StarTec and the lightweight, crane-independent AluStar.

Product Characteristics

  • Size
    • Forming area up to 8.91 m² per panel (330 x 270 cm)
    • Panel heights 330, 270 and 135 cm and only 8 panel widths for ­trouble-free corner solutions for all wall thicknesses
  • Performance
    • Permissible fresh-concrete pressure load (as per DIN 18218) of 60 kN/m² (DIN 18202, Table 3, line 6)
    • Universal use in commercial and residential housing construction
  • Closed frame profile made of steel
    • Structurally robust
    • Torsionally rigid
    • Hot-dip galvanised for easy cleaning and reduced concrete adhesion
  • Clever multi-function profile
    • Multi-function profile made of closed steel profile with welded-in DW 15 nuts for quick and secure attachment of accessories with only one a single part – the flange screw
  • Combination tie hole integrated into the frame with its ­rotating sphere for three tying methods in one system
    • No assembly time for additional parts and accessories
    • No loose parts
    • Simple handling
  • Initial and final formwork identical
  • Sophisticated MEVA product design
    • MEVA assembly lock to produce non-positive connections with just a few hammer blows
    • Bump notches for panel widths of 135 cm and greater for simple alignment and adjustment with a crowbar
    • High-quality alkus all-plastic facing with 7-year warranty
    • Uniform flange screw for all accessories
  • Complete compatibility with StarTec and AluStar

The new generation of wall formwork systems

StarTec XT is a real all-rounder for universal use in commercial and residential construction with a capacity of 60 kN/m² fresh concrete pressure. StarTec XT is fully compatible with StarTec and AluStar.






One system – 3 tying methods

Every construction site is unique, and the formwork requirements vary from project to project. StarTec XT creates an ideal basis for this as the system ensures that you remain flexible and well equipped for every task. Thanks to the smart combination tie hole, it is possible to select between three tying methods with a flick of the wrist. Every panel can be used for both initial and final formwork without additional assembly work. This saves times and simplifies the logistics. With StarTec XT, there are no additional accessories that require complex and time-consuming assembly work.

The smart combination StarTec XT tie hole

Ties with tapered anchor sleeves or DW 20 threads – the combination tie hole makes them possible. By using an internal body that can be positioned as required with the XT lever, the tying method can be changed easily with a flick of the wrist. The combination tie hole is integrated into the frame, ­ensuring that no parts protrude. No installation and removal are required.

Combination tie hole in thread position

Combination tie hole in anchor sleeve position

XT taper tie 20

3D Zeichnung eines Mammut XT Konusankerstabs für Schalungssystem

Wall thicknesses from 15 to 45 cm
The XT taper tie 20 is available in various lengths for different wall thicknesses:

  • 15-25 cm
  • 20-30 cm
  • 35-45 cm

The wall thicknesses are adjusted in 1 cm steps using spacers.
The desired wall thickness can be read off the spacers.

XT tie rod DW 20

3D Zeichnung eines Mammut XT DW 20 Ankerstabs für Schalungssystem

Wall thicknesses up to 40 cm
The XT tie rod DW 20 is generally used for all other wall thicknesses up to 40 cm.

The wall thickness is determined by the length of the plastic tube. Plastic tubes D23 are available in the corresponding
lengths for wall thicknesses of 20, 25, 30 and 35 cm.

Inclined panels

Inclination up to 4°
The clever XT combination tie hole enables a panel with an angle of inclination up to 4° to be tied simply and quickly. It can also compensate for angular misalignments up to 4° between adjacent and height-extended panels.

A wall full of ideas

MEVA systems stand out due to a maximum of efficiency, quality and practical details. This also applies to the tried-and-tested multi-purpose formwork StarTec XT. With its uniform system components, small number of accessories and a perfectly coordinated range of options, has everything it takes to ensure that a MEVA system is the best solution for construction site ­applications.

  • Multi-function profile 

    made of closed steel profiles with welded-in DW 15 threaded nuts for fast, non-positive attachment of accessories

  • Transport hole 

    to attach the crane sling 40, allowing for fast loading, unloading and relocation of panel stacks

  • Flange screw 

    All auxiliary equipment is connected non-positively using a single part

  • Combination tie hole 

    with a rotating body for single-sided and two-sided tying (three tying methods)

  • Closed profile

    for a high degree of stability and easy ­cleaning – with a hot-dip galvanized surface

  • Bump notch

    Fitted at four corners for panel widths of 135 cm and more to simplify adjustment and alignment with crow bar

  • AS assembly lock 

    serves as a panel connection to the surrounding groove

  • alkus all-plastic facing

    The alkus formwork facing does not absorb water, swell or shrink. The rugged, smooth surface guarantees first-class quality of the concrete even after repeated use

Ankerstabhalter mit Mammut XT Konusankerstab

Tie rod fixture

can be attached to the multi-function profile of the vertical or horizontal StarTec XT panel – for safe and rapid transport on the construction site

Easier to install

XT tie rods can be installed and removed safely using a spanner or an electric screwdriver.

Eine alkus-Vollkunststoffplatte.

alkus all-plastic facing

the alkus formwork facing does not absorb water, swell or shrink. The rugged, smooth surface guarantees first-class quality of the concrete even after repeated use.


StarTec XT panels

The StarTec XT panel dimensions and symmetrical internal tie holes result in a uniform tie hole and joint pattern for the highest architectural-­concrete requirements. This applies to vertical, horizontal or a combination of vertical and horizontal formwork.

With the panel heights 330 cm, 270 cm and 135 cm as well as panel widths from 270 cm to 30 cm, StarTec XT enables quick adaptation to the geometry of the building. Thanks to the range of panels, all common wall thickness can be formed without filler areas.

Panels overview

Panel width [cm] MPP Corner Panels Compensation
270 240 135 90 60 49 45 30 IC OC HIC HOC SC F
Heights [cm] 330    

MPP Multi-purpose panel, width 75 cm IC Inside corner, with side length 25 cm OC Outside corner with side lengths 0 cm, 5 cm and 10 cm

HIC Hinged inside corner, with side length 30 cm HOC Hinged outside corner, with side length 7.5 cm SC Stripping corner, with side length 25 cm F Filler, 5 cm

StarTec corners