MEVA Wandschalung StarTec XT welche von einem Kran angehoben wird

Fast construction progress through one-sided tieing

With the clever combination tie-hole, MEVA combines three tying methods in one system. The gain in flexibility and speed, especially with single-sided tying, convinced the construction professionals at Rapp. The company relies on the new wall formwork StarTec XT and used it for the first time in the construction of an apartment building in the district of Rottweil. MEVA took over the planning and guided the construction company during the first use.

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Apartment building, Rottweil, Germany
  • Contractor
    • Rapp Bauunternehmung e.K.
  • MEVA systems
  • Planning and support:
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Haiterbach, Germany
Grafik, die die Wandschalung StarTec XT von MEVA aufgestellt zeigt

StarTec XT convinces on job site

Compatible with AluStar

Elements of the AluStar wall formwork were used in the corner areas. The lightweight aluminium formwork can be moved by hand. In combination with the new StarTec XT, this offers numerous advantages. Both systems are fully compatible and require no additional connecting elements apart from the assembly lock.

Corner elements cleverly combined

By using outside corners with a side length of 0 cm and the XT taper tie rod, wall and corner areas could be easily anchored on one side. With only three outside corners (side lengths 0 cm, 5 cm, and 10 cm) and one inside corner (25 cm), all wall thicknesses commonly used in residential construction can be formed without compensation

Faster thanks to StarTec XT

Entrepreneur Wolfram Rapp is very satisfied with the results. "StarTec XT is a great system. Thanks to the cone anchors we work faster than before. Also, we have received a helpful software for formwork planning from MEVA. With it, we will be able to plan simple floor plans ourselves in the future. In short: The investment has paid off.

Mann der eine Innenecke der Wandschalung  StarTec XT setzt
Die MEVA Wandschalung StarTec XT im Einsatz auf einer Baustelle