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Circular and column formwork

Radius Circular Formwork

CaroFalt Column Formwork

Circo Circular Column Formwork

Single-sided support

SK Wall braces

Triplex Heavy Duty Braces

Shoring systems & props

MT 60 Shoring System

MEP Shoring System


Climbing Systems

KLK 230 Climbing scaffold

MGC Rail-guided climbing system

MGS Rail-guided screen system

MAC Automatic climbing system

Working platforms

LAB working platform

BKB foldable pouring platform

KAB foldable working platform

Access Systems

Space Shoring Tower

System-independent accessories

MEVA FormSet




Formwork. Simple. Smart. CMYK

Formwork. Simple. Smart. sRGB

Cuckoo Call as your Mobile Phone Ring Tone

Installation guide for Android

Download the phone on your computer or mobile phone. Right click and go to "save link" or, on your mobile phone keep keep the button pressed and select "save link".

On your computer: connect your mobile phone with your computer and open the file explorer. 

To use the ring tone, move the file "MEVA-Cuckoo-android.mp3" from the download filebox to the file box "Notifications" or "Ringtones" on your mobile phone. 

Once done, select the ring tone in your settings. 

Installation guide for iPhone

In order to use the audio file as notification or ring tone, the audio file must be downloaded to your computer: Klick on the link and select "save link".

Connect your iPhone with your computer and open iTunes. Press the "Ctrl" and "O" key simultaneously. Now select the filebox in which your ring tones are saved to import it to the Mediathek.

Klick on the Mediathek button. Chosse the option "Tone". Draw the cuckoo tone from the list of ring tones and drag it onto the iPhone symbol. Now select the tone as your iPhone ring tone.