shoring tower

MEVA32 – 32 kip (142 kN) aluminum shoring system

MEVA32 is a strong and flexible shoring system designed to suit many different shoring applications, and save labor, time, and space on the job site.

Product characteristics

  • Heights of 4’, 5’, 6’, and 8’
    (121.9 cm, 152.4 cm, 182.9 cm and 243.8 cm)
  • Lightweight
    • The 6’ x 6’ frame weighs 49 lbs
      (The 182.9 x 182.9 cm frame weighs 22.2 kg)
    • Easy to handle
  • Flexible

    • Cross Braces or MEP gates can be used
    • Can be built in-place or flown
    • Easy conversion from shoring tower to a garage beam system or a flying table
  • 16 kips (71 kN) per leg – 32 kip (142 kN) frame
  • Efficient use
    • Heads can accommodate a single or double row of aluminum stringer
    • Frame folds for easy movement without ­disassembly
    • Towers can be rolled from pour to pour using standard MEP trucks
  • Saves time and labor


Fast, flexible, strong

The complete solution for shoring, slabs, and garage beam applications in concrete construction.

The new MEVA32 aluminum frame is lightweight and has a total frame load capacity of 32 kips (142 kN). It can save time and reduce the amount of equipment required on the job site.

MEVA32 can be used as a traditional shoring tower using cross braces or it can be assembled horizontally on the ground using MEP gates and then flown into position by crane. A saddle beam has been designed to mount on top of the frame; providing an efficient solution for parking garages. The towers can also be converted to flying tables by assembling the MEVA32 frame with MEP gates.

X - Brace positioning
Multiple cross brace connections
and sizes are available when stacking MEVA32 vertically

Convenient frame heights

The frames are 6 feet (182.9 cm) in width and come in heights of 4, 5, 6, and 8 feet (121.9, 152.4, 182.9 and 243.8 cm) to accommodate varying elevation requirements.

The system features adjustable screw jacks to ensure accurate height requirements. The typical 6’ x 6’ frame weighs 49 pounds (182.9 x 182.9 cm frame weighs 22.2 kg),
allowing the frames to be handled easily by one worker. Because of the high load capacity, less frames are required per square foot – saving labor, time, and equipment.

Lay-down build

Simple. Smart.

  • MEVA32 towers can be built vertically or horizontally by using MEP gates and then flown into position with a crane
  • Screw jacks allow for fine-tuned height adjustment on the job site.

Efficiency of the 32 kip (142 kN) frame

Reliable, durable, reusable

The MEVA32 frame improves efficiencies when handling equipment on the jobsite. In these examples under a 12” (30.48 cm) thick slab, a deck area is being shored with a
20 kip (89 kN) per frame system. Each of the frames’ 36 legs at 10 kips (44.5 kN) per leg (18 frames) covers approximately 38 square feet (3.5 m²) of deck area.

The same square foot area can be supported by MEVA32 with only 12 frames (24 legs at 16 kips (71 kN) per leg). Each 16 kip (71 kN) leg can support approximately 61 square feet (5.7 m²) of deck area. This reduces the amount of legs required to support the deck area by 38 %, and increases load efficiency by an incredible 60 %. As a result, freight, labor, and time costs on the job are reduced.

MEVA32 requires less legs per square foot compared to the competition

10 kip (44.5 kN) leg load

  • 16 kips (71 kN) leg load
  • +33 % area per leg
  • +60 % increased load

Flying Table Application

One system, many applications

The frame is easily converted to a flying table by replacing the cross braces with MEP gates.

Garage Beam Application

The MEVA32 frame can be used as a “garage beam system”: Saddle beams with a folding head complete the system for easy placement and movement as a unit.

shoring formwork or shoring system of Meva

At the completion of a section of a concrete pour, the folding head for garage beam applications makes it simple to go to the next pour without disassembly and reassembly. As a result, freight, labor, and time costs on the job are reduced.

Making Movement Easy

Transport for table and garage applications

Using standard MEP lift truck tables MEVA32 flying towers, tables, and garage applications can all be easily moved as a unit without the need for disassembly and reassembly. This saves time, labor, and space on the jobsite.

  • At the completion of a section of a concrete pour, towers can be put on standard MEP trucks and rolled to the next section by 1-2 workers without being dismantled.